Research Services


Research is an inevitable part of human decision-making processes. In business, as well as in life, best decisions are research-fed and quantifiable. I believe that only through scientific inquiry can we understand events and situations better. Using mixed methods inquiries, therefore, I strive to understand phenomena, events, and human behaviors.

In fact, for me, research is where my clients’ value and my compassion for the profession intersect. Whether I am researching for a client project, for an article, or for a book, my compassion for the profession grows incredibly. The combination of fresh data and the mind-blowing footprints my fellow researchers and those who came before me left help me love my profession.

My current research focus is on the following:

  • Culturally responsive teaching
  • Adult learning theories
  • Culturally driven pedagogies
  • Teacher-parent relationship
  • Discussion-based learning strategies.