The bottomline is to educate people

 The bottomline is to educate people

Education researchers believe that knowledge is always a blessing for humanity regardless of who wants it. And that the bottomline is to educate people; what they are going to do with education is up to them, nonetheless. But there is a responsibility to make sure that knowledge takes effect in people’s lives. That is the mission.

The task of creating able-minded humans through (continuous) education is a noble mission. According to as Karen Barbour, an education theorist, people are “the only legitimate holders of knowledge, capable of discovering truth and reality through rational method.” However, such legitimate hold of knowledge is preceded by an affirmation of what to teach and how.

For the most part, this is done through fine-tuned pedagogies and targeted delivery of lessons. Actually, knowledge takes hold when curricula and pedagogies are localized. In fact, as per Konai Thaman, an educator and author, through the acceptance of localized views on education, pedagogies may help promote a purposeful delivery of knowledge and “decolonizing formal education.”

Tailored pedagogies are the opposite of one-size-fits-all method of teaching. If education is to benefit mankind as a whole, we should de-emphasize the one-size-fits-all method of teaching and relating to the world’s students. The best comes when culturally driven approaches are employed. Indeed, everybody including those people who are trapped in poverty and racism may have something to offer. And they can help build the best teaching practice.

Wisdom and sympathy incorporated into the very curriculum could help underachievers learn better, strive better toward their future and help the wider communities flourish. The good news is that educational institutions can take advantage of the knowledge base. They can re-approach and experiment ways to teach students of color and those who are trapped in institutional baskets. To recap, the bottomline is to educate people regardless of their purpose in life.



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